NASA Thinks the Tesla Autopilot is a Bad Idea. Why is That?

By amber.

In July 2016, a test driver for the Tesla Model S died in a car crash while using the Autopilot driver-assistance system. Since that fateful day, fierce debate about the efficacy and safety of the technology has arisen.

The crash is being thoroughly investigated in order to determine whether the human driver, the Autopilot driver-assistance system, or a combination of the two was the cause of the accident.

NASA has now stepped in to the investigation. They have extensive experience in this subject, having studied vehicle automation and the psychological consequences for drivers for decades.

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What happens when lightning strikes a vehicle?

By amber.

Ever wonder what happens when lightning strikes a vehicle? 

Do you think it's safe to remain inside your car during a lightning storm, because your tires will insulate your car against electricity?

Click on the image below to find out just how safe modern vehicles are, and that your car tires actually DO NOT insulate your car!

vehicle during lightning strike

FCC - We're open and fully operational

By amber.

Dear FCC customers,

False Creek Collision has been in the news recently, as you may have heard.

There was a fire at our shop, but this incident has not affected our business or day-to-day operations in any way. The fire impacted a small storage room at the back of our building, but there is absolutely no damage to the main building or our production area.

We are fully operational, and business will resume in full swing Monday morning at 7:30 am sharp!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 604-433-6444, drop by to see us, or send us an email at bernhard @ falsecreekcollision .com

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