Staying connected

By amber.

According to IDATE, by 2018, 420 millions connected cars will be on the world's roadways. 

There are several designs being worked on, and IDATE proposes different strategies for creating connected cars. 

Whatever strategy auto makers decide to use, you'll be connected from anywhere at any time. 

The world just became a little bit smaller!

Fun Fact Friday - 5 things you should know about Google's self-driving cars

By amber.

This Fun Fact Friday, we're focusing on the 5 things you should know about Google's self-driving cars:

1. They've driven 700, 000 accident free miles so far on freeways

2. Google's cars can rapidly learn how to handle thousands of urban driving situations

3. Just 4 states - Nevada, California, Florida and Washington D.C. - have approved testing on public streets

4. Back in 2012 Google predicted that we'd have self-driving cars by 2017 - they haven't revised this date!

5. Google will probably sell it's technology to major car manufacturers rather than invest in making the cars themselves.

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Earth Day 2014

By amber.

At False Creek Collision, we reduce air pollution by using a waterborne paint system that reduces Volatile Organic Compounds from our painting processes by 90%!

By getting your car repaired at False Creek Collision, you'll be joining us in our effort to reduce air pollution for a brighter, greener tomorrow for us and our children.

Give us a call today for a free estimate at 604 433-6444.

The new VW Golf R

By amber.

The new VW Golf R concept car can push 400hp, and go from 0-100kn/h in 3.9s.

Too bad it's only a concept

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