Look like a movie star on vacation!

By amber.

Apparently, you can now feel like a movie star when you go on vacation! Big rental car companies have begun to offer Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Aston Martins, and Teslas in a bid to meet a demand in this market.

You can usually find these cars offered in flashy cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami beach, but you can also find them in less glamorous places as well.

One thing is certain, though, they don't come cheap!

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April Fool's Day Car-Seats

By amber.

It may be April Fool's Day... but don't get caught being a 'fool' about child car-seat safety.

The 5 most common mistakes that parents make when installing car-seats are:

1. The wrong seat for the wrong age group
2. The car-seat is not properly or securely installed
3. The harness is too loose
4. The chest clip is incorrectly placed
5. The car-seat is improperly placed in the vehicle

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3 of the best electric cars

By amber.

Monday is the start of a new week at work and can seem really monotonous, especially with the whole work week looming before you. Break up some of that tedium by reading an interesting article by CTV News.

CTV News has recently compiled a list of 3 of the best electric cars that you can buy:

1.The Nissan Leaf
2. Tesla Model S P85 Performance +
3. BMW i3

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Audi can predict the future...

By amber.

Audi has recently developed an information technology that allows your car to connect to your city's traffic light network and anticipate the light changes. 

From there, your car will be able to adjust it's speed appropriately, saving you money on fuel and time.

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