Black ice driving tips

By amber.

Several of our employees noticed black ice this morning that has caused several accidents already.

According to, "Black ice forms when the air is at 32 degrees or below at the surface and rain is falling. The ground temperature causes the precipitation to freeze upon impact, thus creating ice."

Black ice blends in with its surroundings, making it very difficult to spot. 

Tips to Stay Safe While Driving on Black Ice:
1. Do not hit the brakes, instead keep your steering wheel steady.
2. Lift your foot off the accelerator.
3. Do not overcorrect your steering if you feel your car sliding.

To learn more about how to drive safely in this weather, check out this article!

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If you or someone you know has encountered car troubles this morning due to the black ice, don't hesitate to give us a call at

We went that extra mile....

By amber.

"Last week, one of our employees discovered that a customer had left their cell phone in their car. 

The employee took the initiative to contact the customer right away to advise them that they'd left their phone, and to arrange when to get it back to the customer. 

After work, I (Amber) drove to the customer's home to deliver the phone back to them. Needless to say, the customer was impressed."

Stories like this from our shop are what keep our customers coming back to us. They know they can trust us to deliver exceptional service and auto body repair every time.

Top 10 car maintenance mistakes

By amber.

Here are the top 10 car maintenance mistakes and what you can do to avoid them:

1. Mistake: Not getting someone to check your tires at least 2x a year.

Solution: Check your owner's manual for suggested pressure and rotation check periods.

2. Mistake: Not replacing your wiper blades when the rubber has hardened and makes squeaking noises.

Solution: Replacing your wiper blades very fall is ideal, and more frequently in certain climates.

3. Mistake: Not changing your spark plugs every 100,000 miles.

Solution: Check and replace your spark plugs, coolant and timing belt every 60, 000 and 120, 000 miles all together to save you time and effort.

4. Mistake: Filling up your car with higher-than-required octane.

Solution: Use the correct octane for your engine's rating ONLY. Not doing so wastes your money, and does not improve your engine's performance.

Tips to extend the life of your car

By amber.

Here are some tips to extend the life of your brand new car:

1. When you've bought your dream car, keep your speed under 55 mph, or the speed recommended by the manufacturer, for the first 1000 miles.

2. Avoid heavy loads on the drive train.

3. Don't let the car idle for long periods.

4. Use only light to medium acceleration for the first few hours of driving.

Have a nice car!

Muhammad Ali's 1959 Benz

By amber.

Apparently Muhammad Ali's 1959, jewel encrusted, custom, Mercedes-Benz is going up for auction! 

Check it out here:

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