The 12 Days of Great Service (The Globe and Mail) Day 6

By amber.

Day 6: Self-esteem!

You can feel confident about bringing your car to False Creek Collision, because you know you'll be doing your bit for the environment. Our waterborne paint systems reduce Volatile Organic Compound emissions by up to 90%, lowering the amount of air pollution in our city, and creating a healthier tomorrow!

With this kind of confidence, we can all breathe a little easier.

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Say NO! to vinegar...

By amber.

Don't use a vinegar-water solution to de-ice your windows and mirrors.

A common consensus among car detailers is that if the vinegar solution is not removed properly, it could remove the wax from your car and damage the paint, the seals and any chrome surfaces it comes into contact with.

Use commercial products instead, and follow the instructions closely on the packaging.

Stock Footage Scraping Off The Ice On A Car S Windshield On A Cold Winter Morning