Crowds at Christmas

By amber.

We're over the mid-week hump again folks, and we're getting closer and closer to Christmas.... a scary thought for most of us.

Crowded shopping malls means a free-for-all in adjacent parking lots, so be extra cautious. Watch out for people backing out of stalls, or turning without signaling. Stay calm, even if someone steals the only parking spot you managed to find after 20 minutes of driving around...  The worst thing you can do is drive agitated. It's dangerous, and makes your shopping experience even more unpleasant.

Check out this article on how to keep your cool when the Christmas rush just becomes too much!

Crowded Shopping Malls

Burnaby Board of Trade's 2013 Burnaby Business Excellence Awards for Environmental Sustainability..... the results!

By amber.

We won!

We'd like to thank the City of Burnaby and the Burnaby Board of Trade for the honor of being recognized for the Environmental Sustainability category in the Business Excellence Awards.

In 2006, we switched to a completely water-borne paint system, not because of governmental regulations, but because the technology is available and we care deeply about our environment.

We began by urging the paint manufacturer to release their products to our facility for a test run, and then, with great success, we finally launched the products. In March, in the presence of the Mayor, his wife, and many friends, we celebrated the introduction of our brand-new waterborne paint system with an Open House.

Since we relocated our business from Downtown Vancouver to Burnaby, we have been warmly welcomed by the local community of which we are proud to be a part. The City of Burnaby and the Burnaby Board of Trade have set up new sustainability committees, for example Waste Management, and The Environmental Pledge, and we are ecstatic to be able to contribute and work with both.

Trophy 1

Again, thank you all for this award, and thank you for your support of False Creek Collision ECO. Check out the official photos here!

SEMA 2013

By amber.

SEMA, the biggest automotive show in the world, happens every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are approximately 2200 exhibitors, and over 140,000 visitors.

Our boss, Bernhard, went there to research current trends in the automotive industry, and these are the photos that he took.

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Burnaby Board of Trade's 2013 Burnaby Business Excellence Awards for Environmental Sustainability

By amber.

We, at False Creek Collision, hope that everyone's had a very relaxing long weekend!

To start the week off, we'd like to remind you that the winner of the Burnaby Board of Trade's 2013 Burnaby Business Excellence Awards for Environmental Sustainability will be announced on Thursday. Thank you for your continued support.

Wish us luck!

Don't wait for winter tires...

By amber.

We're over the mid-week hump, and a little bit closer to the long weekend. Use this time to put winter tires on your car. Don't wait! Otherwise, you risk waiting a long time for an appointment and paying a lot more than you need to.

Have a nice car!