Stealing cars goes out of fashion in America`s fashion capital, NY

By amber.

According to the Globe and Mail, car thieves are slowly disappearing from New York City.

Back in `90s, one car was stolen for every 50 people in the city. Now, car theft has dropped by as much as 96%. The US is seeing an overall drop in crime across the country, but what is really the root cause of this drastic drop in car crimes?

Well, it seems that new technology is making it harder and harder for car thieves to steal peoples' vehicles, let alone turn a profit. It's also much more likely to land them in jail, and with harsher penalties than before.

Read more about this interesting phenomenon here!

It's love...

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False Creek Collision loves its customers!

That's why, when your car repairs are done, we'll give you fresh flowers!

Yes, that's right! Flowers!

We like to show our appreciation to all of our customers, and what better way to do that than by giving beautiful, fresh flowers.

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Come by to see us today for a free estimate! You can also give us a call at (604) 433-6444.

It's Fun Fact Friday again... self-driving vehicles

By amber.

It's Fun Fact Friday again...

And with all this talk about autonomous vehicles, have you ever thought about what having that kind of technology would lead to in terms of insurance and user safety?

Well, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has, and here's what they say:

1. Drivers would need to obtain a license in order to operate self-driving vehicles.

2. There would need to be new regulations regarding testing for self-driving vehicle licenses.

3. New principles for operating these vehicles.

4. Operating the self-driving vehicles for things other than testing.

To read more on this topic, check out the article in Automotive Body Repair Network magazine by Krista McNamara.

The Vadermobile

By amber.

This year's Comi-Con in SanDiego will debut a a full-size, working "Vadermobile" which will be displayed at the Matel booth in the San Diego Convention Center.

Check it out!

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Safest car on the block!

By amber.

Swedish auto makers are still going that extra mile when it comes to futuristic safety devices for your car!

On board radars, tiny cameras, brakes that engage without you having to do anything....

All these features will appear in Volvo's new XC90 luxury SUV.

It's even capable to helping a drowsy driver stay on track when they start to drift a little.

You can read more about these amazing features here...

Fun Fact Friday... How far can you take an electric car

By amber.

It's Fun Fact Friday again...

And this week we've learned that electric cars are being extensively tested in Germany.

It's no secret that electric cars run out of juice fast. But how far can current models actually go?

A German company has tested 6 different classes of electric cars under different weather condition to find out.

The result was that the VW Golf VII came in second for distance, and the Tesla Model S came in 1st. (Both of these cars had larger batteries compared to the other models tested.)

So, if you're looking for an electric car that can go the distance, pick Tesla!

Major manufacturers destroyed by this 1 little thing

By amber.

Most likely, unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about the massive recalls major car manufacturers are suffering at the moment.

Plastered all over the news are stories covering the billions of dollars lost, giant companies brought to their knees all because of what? Small car parts.

These seemingly innocuous parts are so cheap to make and very low-tech. So why all the problems?

New designs and models are coming out of car manufacturing plants at record speed.This surge in new cars means increasingly complex technologies, and government regulators are looking more closely than ever at this industry. The result is more frequent recalls, and more newspaper interest.

Because of the speed cars are put together nowadays, if you discover a problem in one car, you've got millions more to correct before a serious problem occurs.

That's why most automakers are now erring on the side of caution.

Read more HERE!

How hot is too hot?

By amber.

Summertime Fun in the Sun....

But how hot is too hot?

Extreme heat not only wreaks havoc on bare skin and small pets (please, please do not leave small children or pets in cars this summer, even for 5 minutes!!), but also on your car!

First things first, you've gotta check your tires. Under-inflated tires cost you money on gas, but ultimately they'll blow when the pressure and the heat of your road trip gets too much for them.

Keep your cool, and check your coolant, hoses and engine belt. Cracks and leaks will leave you stranded with 3 kids in the back seat yelling that they're hungry and they need to go to the bathroom and hitting each other and... I digress.

What's a summer time trip without an A/C? No fun, that's what. Don't forget to check your A/C to make sure your refrigerant is topped up, otherwise you'll end up with the windows rolled down feeling like you're in a little metal oven... Save the BBQ'ing for your backyard!

Wherever your car takes you this summer, if you follow our summer car care tips, you'll be all set to have the most fun ever.