Car Insurance

Your Data, Your Choice

By amber.

Have you heard of the Canadian insurance company offering a new mobile app that can judge your driving behaviour and offer you discounts on your premiums?

Well, think twice before you download it, says one privacy lawyer.

The app is free to download on any iPhone or Android device, and as soon as it's installed, it can begin to evaluate your your driving performance.

The privacy lawyer recommends that users have a full understanding of just what kind of information the app will be storing, and how the insurance company plans to keep your data private and secure. Users should also be aware of the length of time the data will be kept.

The lawyer clarifies that although the insurance company is in full compliance with Canada's guidelines and codes for personal data storage and acquisition, users should still think of "the bigger picture".

For more information on this intriguing topic, follow the link below to CTV's website to read their article.

Don't Drink and Drive

By amber.

If you've ever had an impaired driving conviction, even if you didn't cause an accident, you're more likely than not to be paying through the nose for your insurance.

Why is that?

Insurance companies believe that convicted drunk drivers are very likely to be repeat offenders, and of course, that they'll be at an increased risk of causing an accident.


If nothing else, the threat of forking over thousands of dollars for car insurance should be enough to make you think twice before you drink and drive.

Stay safe, and have a nice car!

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Fun Fact Friday - if you're single or 50, you're paying more

By amber.

Fun Fact Friday is here, and boy do we have a fun fact for you!

Did you know that if you're single, or you've just hit the big 5-0, that you're paying more for your car insurance than younger, married people?

What gives?

Apparently, insurance companies have found that you're much less likely to get into an accident if you're married and you'll incur less driving violations too, such as fines.

Also, according to some insurance companies, the older you are the more you are to accidents. This is completely contrary to statistics which state that the safest drivers are between the ages of 64 and 69. READ MORE HERE!

Whatever your age or marital status, drive safely!