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Do you have a cool $20 mil just laying around? Well if you do, you could buy... 30 Rolls-Royce Phantoms!

By amber.

Did you know that Rolls-Royce just got it's biggest order ever?

Stephen Hung, a Hong Kong business tycoon, just purchased 30 Rolls-Royce phantoms in order to chauffeur guests at a luxury resort he's currently building.

His purchase: 20 million dollars. Of course Rolls-Royce's CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes has the biggest grin on his face ever.


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Don't panic! Car recalls made easy...

By amber.

What should you do if your car has been recalled, but the parts aren't available?

The answer is NOT panic!

Get your VIN number (found on the dashboard near the windshield on the driver's side) , and go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website ( It will tell you where there are recalls on your car that haven't been fixed, and if the car maker is waiting for parts.

If the parts your car needs aren't available, do a little bit of research and see if those parts could cause injury or crashes if they break. Check to see if your car is displaying symptoms of the problems that caused the recall, and head straight to your dealer.

Don't drive a car that is unsafe.

For more information, please read the article from the Globe and Mail. You may also contact us as well at 604-433-6444.

What has 3 wheels, one door and costs only $6,800.00?

By amber.

If Elio Motors has its way, says CTV News, we could be seeing 3 wheeled cars on our roads very, very soon.

Those little cars are quite brilliant. They have 2 seats and are so light, they only use 2.8 liters of gas for every 100 km.

Not only that, but you`ll never believe the price... $6,800.00.

Because it only has 3 wheels, it`s classified as a motorcycle, but drivers won`t need a helmet or motorcycle license.

3 Wheeler

Image courtesy of CTV News.

We have one important question though: How safe is it to drive those light, tiny cars?

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Stealing cars goes out of fashion in America`s fashion capital, NY

By amber.

According to the Globe and Mail, car thieves are slowly disappearing from New York City.

Back in `90s, one car was stolen for every 50 people in the city. Now, car theft has dropped by as much as 96%. The US is seeing an overall drop in crime across the country, but what is really the root cause of this drastic drop in car crimes?

Well, it seems that new technology is making it harder and harder for car thieves to steal peoples' vehicles, let alone turn a profit. It's also much more likely to land them in jail, and with harsher penalties than before.

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The Vadermobile

By amber.

This year's Comi-Con in SanDiego will debut a a full-size, working "Vadermobile" which will be displayed at the Matel booth in the San Diego Convention Center.

Check it out!

Gd Web Picweek0723

Safest car on the block!

By amber.

Swedish auto makers are still going that extra mile when it comes to futuristic safety devices for your car!

On board radars, tiny cameras, brakes that engage without you having to do anything....

All these features will appear in Volvo's new XC90 luxury SUV.

It's even capable to helping a drowsy driver stay on track when they start to drift a little.

You can read more about these amazing features here...

Major manufacturers destroyed by this 1 little thing

By amber.

Most likely, unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about the massive recalls major car manufacturers are suffering at the moment.

Plastered all over the news are stories covering the billions of dollars lost, giant companies brought to their knees all because of what? Small car parts.

These seemingly innocuous parts are so cheap to make and very low-tech. So why all the problems?

New designs and models are coming out of car manufacturing plants at record speed.This surge in new cars means increasingly complex technologies, and government regulators are looking more closely than ever at this industry. The result is more frequent recalls, and more newspaper interest.

Because of the speed cars are put together nowadays, if you discover a problem in one car, you've got millions more to correct before a serious problem occurs.

That's why most automakers are now erring on the side of caution.

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