Blinky the Police Car

By amber

Here's a unique retro find that some of you might remember!:


It's Blinky the Police Car!
Since the 1950's onward, Blinky the talking police car has educated children about road safety. Blinky was originally a yellow Plymouth Fury, a.k.a. a standard issue Toronto Police vehicle back in the day.
Today's version of Blinky is a 1987 Plymouth Caravelle with facial features such as eyes that move and blink, and a long, pink nose.
Whether or not the car still exists intact is unconfirmed, however the car used to make occasional appearances in parades. Since the car was immobile, it had to be towed behind more modern, functioning vehicles.
Do you remember, or know about, Blinky? Or do you just think he looks really creepy? Let us know below!