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What happens when lightning strikes a vehicle?

By amber.

Ever wonder what happens when lightning strikes a vehicle? 

Do you think it's safe to remain inside your car during a lightning storm, because your tires will insulate your car against electricity?

Click on the image below to find out just how safe modern vehicles are, and that your car tires actually DO NOT insulate your car!

vehicle during lightning strike

Self-driving cars at risk of getting hacked!

By amber.

Self-driving cars have been in the news a lot lately. 

There is one major drawback, however, that has yet to be fully explored: Cyber attacks. Insurers and car manufacturers are starting to factor this in, as hacking a is big risk. 

These cars are already predicted to appear on roads in North America by 2020, and they boast a wide range of state-of-the-art technology. Sensors, cameras, and even LiDAR (light detection and ranging) in these cars help them navigate obstacles, drive straight, and follow traffic signs. These very same technological advances in the self-driving cars systems' are exactly what make them so vulnerable to hackers. 

Read more about this intriguing issue at CTV News.

Killer Airbags - The Largest Auto Recall in the History of the USA

By amber.

CTV News is currently reporting on the largest car recall in the history of the USA.

6 deaths are associated with the defective airbags produced by Takata Corp., in addition to over 100 injuries.

The chemical used to deploy the airbag in the event of a collision causes an explosion which is too powerful for the hardware containing the airbag. The explosion causes the compartment and inflating mechanism to breakup into shrapnel and fly into the passenger side.

Around 33.8 million airbags have been declared defective by Takata. This adds 18 million airbags to existing recalls.

Click below to read more, and to check to see if your vehicle is among those being recalled.

Do not leave your keys in your car

By amber.

Think your fancy new car with its state-of-the-art, anti-theft technology will protect you from car thieves?

Well, it can... but only if you don't leave your keys in your car! Sure this technology is very advanced, but it can only do so much, and it sure ain't magic!

In the US alone, the majority of car thefts that took place in 2014 involved people leaving their keys in the car. And those statistics are just from the people who ADMITTED to police and their insurers that they left their keys in the car. What about all those others who were too ashamed to say they had as well?

Remember, even if you're just running to the store for a quick 3 minute errand, DO NOT leave your car unlocked and your keys in the car!

Otherwise, that's just an invitation for a massive headache!

The New Teen Driver Safety System

By amber.

Parents, having your teenager drive for the first time need no longer be such a worry.

General Motors is coming out with new technology geared towards teen drivers.

Their 'Teen Driver' system launched at the New York Auto Show, and 2016 Chevy Malibu's will go on the market with this built-in driving system.

The goal of this new technology is to encourage teens to develop safe driving habits by monitoring trips taken, and then producing a 'report card'. It will include information on maximum speeds, distances driven, and how many times safety systems were engaged during the drive.
The system will also include parental controls, allowing parents to set the maximum speed for the vehicle, which will set off alarms and visual warnings if exceeded.

Despite this useful step in driver safety technology, nothing beats teaching your kids how to drive safely and carefully. In fact, experts agree that basic skills should be acquired before beginning to rely on any technology.

You can learn more about this interesting topic here at CTV News!

Road Rage No-No

By amber.

On March 17, a driver stuck in traffic in Toronto made a stupid decision.

Their road rage prompted them to try and outwit everyone else on the road, thereby breaking the law.

Watch this video, and feel satisfied knowing that their stupid actions were what got them pulled over by the police car right next to them.