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The One Person, One Price Song and Dance

By amber.

Have you ever heard of the One Price, One Person sales tactic now being employed by car dealerships?

Basically, this sales tactic is aimed at the savvy consumer who's done their research beforehand, and knows what they want.

Throughout the entire purchasing process, one sales employee handles the whole transaction, from financing to service contracts.

The price posted is the price you pay. With this new trend in auto sales, you don't have to haggle. The sticker price is the final price, it's as simple as that.

All rates for loaning, financing and leasing are up-front and transparent, with no hidden fees or costs, and are completely based on your personal credit score.

The sales team, although on commission, get the same flat fee no matter what kind of car you're buying. That way, pressure tactics and stress for either party is eliminated.

All of these new aspects of selling are designed to make the experience a much more pleasant one for the consumer, allowing them to concentrate on what they really need in a car, versus pricey extras they might otherwise be pushed to purchase.

The question now is, does this new tactic make sense for you, the Canadian buyer?

Read more about this article at the Globe and Mail by clicking the link HERE.

How hot is too hot?

By amber.

Summertime Fun in the Sun....

But how hot is too hot?

Extreme heat not only wreaks havoc on bare skin and small pets (please, please do not leave small children or pets in cars this summer, even for 5 minutes!!), but also on your car!

First things first, you've gotta check your tires. Under-inflated tires cost you money on gas, but ultimately they'll blow when the pressure and the heat of your road trip gets too much for them.

Keep your cool, and check your coolant, hoses and engine belt. Cracks and leaks will leave you stranded with 3 kids in the back seat yelling that they're hungry and they need to go to the bathroom and hitting each other and... I digress.

What's a summer time trip without an A/C? No fun, that's what. Don't forget to check your A/C to make sure your refrigerant is topped up, otherwise you'll end up with the windows rolled down feeling like you're in a little metal oven... Save the BBQ'ing for your backyard!

Wherever your car takes you this summer, if you follow our summer car care tips, you'll be all set to have the most fun ever.